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OptemX technology helps you easily manage your team's business travel

Streamline processes with our full suite of technology solutions

Our proprietary system, OptemX has been designed to uncover ways to save you time and money. At our initial consultation we process map your entire current workflow – from the initial pre-booking approval all the way through to the trip expense hitting your GL. We then look for opportunities to re-engineer and streamline the work flow either through automation or changes to the process. We partner with leading travel booking and payment and expense technology systems to give you the tools to optimise all areas of your travel program.

Our seven-step auditing system

Our seven-step auditing system


We provide the data to help project annual T&E budget based on requirements


Build a mandate for travel related expenditure that aligns with your company


Streamline and automate your travel approval and booking system


Simplify the process by linking travel and expense data


Approve travel and expenses online or via mobile phone, automated data feed to the general ledger


Full data analytic reporting in customised formats

Supplier Negotiation

Using reporting data to leverage supplier deals

Our seven-step auditing system

Travel Booking Systems

Through our partnerships with Serko and Concur, we offer easy to use online travel booking systems that automate the travel booking and approval process for domestic and international travel. Our online systems store and enforce your travel policy and give access to the best market air fares available as well as hotel content via wotif.com, Expedia and Booking.com.

Payment Platforms

We will work with you to determine the best suitable payment solution for all travel expenses – we work with all payment types and integrate these in to our expense reconciliation platforms.

Expense Software

Travel expense systems remove the need to key in data multiple times in multiple systems. Instead, e-receipts from travel suppliers and receipts captured with the mobile app automatically turn into expense line items, providing more accurate and timely information for finance teams.

Say hello to:

  • All-in-one system integrating travel booking and expense management together
  • Access to exclusive lowest airfares and hotel deals
  • Mobile technology to book travel
  • Mobile technology to instantly snap receipt photos and automatically uploads them
  • Setting caps and restrictions to encourage employees to make the right choice first time
  • Creating time limits with automatic reminders
  • Integrating travel approval and booking

Say goodbye to:

  • Paying too much for travel
  • Lack of visibility
  • Manual travel approval
  • Inefficiencies in travel booking
  • Time consuming expense reconciliation
  • Missing receipts
  • Out-of-policy spend
  • Late expense report submissions

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What our clients say

Working with Mettrex has been an absolute pleasure – the team are always extremely professional and friendly to deal with and are forever helping us find ways to save money and manage our travel program better.