Why a Travel Management Company will save you time and money?

Bottom line Business Travel is an investment in the growth of your company.

Although Video conferencing has vastly improved communication within our organizations, nothing builds relationships with new and existing clients better than a “face to face” meeting.

So how do you reduce and control this cost of investment?

Enter the Travel Management Company (TMC).

This market share ranges from 80% to 90% for domestic flights and 60% to 80% for international flights.

A full implementation consists of:

Travel Policy

A TMC will assist you in developing a travel policy that will both minimize your costs and maintain a duty of care to your travelers.

On-line booking tool

To contain and control your travel policy they will build an On-line booking tool. This will:

  • Let you know where all your travelers are located
  • provide on-line approval to designated managers if required
  • control the type and cost of travel purchased
  • allow travelers to book their own travel on-line and via smart phone and still be controlled by policy
  • Book and change trips both online and via a smart phone. Bookings include flights, hotels, cars and taxis – on your smart phone
  • Eliminate the overhead costs of employing centralized Travel Coordinators
  • Report on travel and policy exceptions at any time
  • Maintain tickets in credit

Provide 24/7 Travel Consultant assistance

If the booking becomes too complicated or there is an emergency, a TMC will provide access to a Travel Consultant who understands your organisation and policy.

Negotiate travel discounts

A TMC will facilitate the negotiation of your discounts with all airlines, hotels and car companies. They are not aligned to any particular supplier so can provide an unbiased opinion on what is best for your organization.

Most TMC’s are members of a Buying Group. Buying Groups use their consolidated purchasing power to negotiate higher than normal discounts. These would also be made available.

Provide expenditure reviews and monthly reporting

A TMC Account Manager will provide an Expenditure Review and Monthly reporting to ensure adherence to your travel policy.

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Jeremy Martin


Jeremy is originally from beautiful Wales. After attending London University, he qualified as a Chartered Account with PWC and worked for them in London, Hong Kong and Sydney.

In 2000 co-foundered Mettrex in Sydney with Tim Owens. He has used his financial training to develop a proprietary travel audit system. This has delivered extensive cost savings across Mettrex’s client base.